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We are a faith-based nonprofit organization whose pillars of Development, Empowerment and Training create business administration and marketing opportunities for nonprofit organizations. When equipped with proper self-production tools, such organizations consequently increase their outreach, improve living conditions for all they attend to and are able to create unique ventures.

Caleb Foundation provides nonprofits long awaited opportunities to become self-sustained organizations.

“Don’t just give them a fish, teach them how to fish.”

What We're Doing Right Now

Our Current Projects

Bakery for OEDIH nonprofit organization

We uphold a project with OEDIH organization (Evangelistic International Organization for Integral Development of Haiti) in the Republic of Haiti. The OEDIH organization currently struggles with sustaining 15 orphanages that are home to more than 600 children under the direction and guidance of Pastor Ezequiel Batista.

Carpentry Workshop for Jose Alfredo del Valle Foundation

We maintain a project with Jose Alfredo del Valle Logotherapeutic Foundation, dedicated towards helping men and women who have been marginalized due to terminal diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV, aids and cancer. Jose Alfredo del Valle Foundation also provides specialty care for abandoned elderly.

  • Jose Alfredo del Valle, Founder of Jose Alfredo del Valle Foundation

    Thank you Caleb Foundation for the machinery donated to begin our carpentry workshop. Our nonprofit foundation has never received any aid and thanks to your support in this project we have been able to supply many of the needs in our foundation bringing a higher quality of life for our elderly and sick. With tears in my eyes and gratitude in my heart I say, THANK YOU, Caleb Foundation. You have made a difference.

  • Pastor Ezequiel Batista, Founder of Oedih orphanages

    It has been a great blessing to be a part of the self-sustainability projects of Caleb Foundation. Inhibition in the capacity to produce has brought many organizations in Haiti to get accustomed to a beggar mentality that other countries will provide for our needs. Caleb Foundation's bakery project with Oedih orphanages will ensure that our children can learn a trade, have provision for their own consumption and a fixed source of income for the ministry. Our youth and adolescents will obtain jobs and empower their capacities. We would like to thank Caleb Foundation for this initiative so fundamental to us. May God continue to bless and expand you so that you may reach nations implanting the powerful Kingdom of God among the poor.

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